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Is a cloud recorder for me?

Everyone arrives to a decision on whether to use a cloud or in-hose recorder differently and based on own circumstances. So, it is a bit hard to answer this question objectively and without knowing your exact circumstances.

However, the answers to the following questions should assist your decision making processes:

  1. Can I afford the capital costs associated with an in-house recorder?
  2. Do I have the space in my equipment room for the recorder?
  3. Do I have the skills to install, configure and look after the recorder?
  4. Will I use the equipment for more than 3 years?
  5. How critical is for my business that the recorder is always functioning?
  6. Am I comfortable with storing my recordings in the cloud?
  7. What are the legal requirements for storing my recordings?
  8. How comfortable am I if a 3rd party (Prolancer) is managing my recorder?
  9. Do I have the skills to configure my equipment to use the cloud recorder?
  10. Do I have an adequate Internet connection and a data plan at each site from where I will access the recorder?